3 Things Your App Logo Must Have

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So you and the guys at your start-up have been slogging away for days, weeks, months and just over a year on the hot new app that’s going to blow Instagram right out of the water. The countless hours of research, dev, A/B testing, early morning agile scrums and all-nighters have created a piece of digital wizardry that’s set to knock the socks off all who bear witness to it. It’s now time to think about branding and that means creating an awesome logo, but how exactly do you do that? How on earth can you create a logo that pulls people towards your app like the sun pulls in planets? Well that’s exactly what we’re going to show you here!

Your logo must be targeted

Your logo has to be designed to speak directly to your apps target audience, whoever they might be. They need to take one look and be compelled to investigate further, but that’s not as impossible a task as you might think. For instance; your logo is effectively a mish-mash of shapes, colors and fonts that will all come together to evoke a mood in the eye of the beholder. Young children respond to bright and vibrant colors like red, yellow and orange, while business people respond to corporate colors like blue and black. Want to create something that speaks to the spiritually and esoterically minded? Purple is your go-to.

Nickelodeon Logo

Nickelodeon app logo

ABC News LogoABC News app logo 


The term less is more is even more relevant (see what we did there?) when talking about logos. The whole point of a logo is for someone to glimpse it quickly and immediately get a sense of what the brand it represents is all about. There’s no room for overly intricate details or mystery. Think of it like this, when asking about your app, people will expect you to be able to sum it up in a 30 second elevator pitch and the same is true of your logo. It’s an elevator pitch that showcases your brand to the world. Simplicity is key.

WhatsApp Logo

WhatsApp logo

Lumosity LogoLumosity brain trainer logo


Timeless quality

You don’t want to make your logo too current because if you do then it’ll date and eventually have to be replaced. Don’t follow the latest trends because they come and go, and when they do, so will your logo. What you really want is for it to have a timeless quality that will make it be relevant for years to come and help turn your app into a household name through its instant recognisability.

Apple and Nike LogosApple and Nike logos


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